Sep 15, 2017

Marty Hill 2 copy.jpg(September 15, 2017)… Marty Hill waited seven years to make his National Lacrosse League debut. That day finally came on April 22, when he played for the Rochester Knighthawks. It was an emotional evening for the 27-year-old transition man, who was playing in front of his family and friends.

The Six Nations product settled his nerves, however, and contributed two assists in the victory over the New England Black Wolves. It was a long time coming for Hill, who was originally drafted by the Knighthawks in the 2010 NLL Entry Draft.

After years of playing in various leagues, and spending two seasons on the practice squad with the Buffalo Bandits, Hill had finally achieved one of his childhood dreams.

In this edition of the Rookie Rewind, we look back on the perseverance of Marty Hill.

How exciting was it to re-sign with the Rochester Knighthawks on March 17? 
I was very excited they wanted me back and I was ready to contribute to the team.

What motivated you to keep on pursuing your dream of playing in the NLL? 
It's every kid’s dream growing up. I just stuck with it and always told myself I'm going to make it some day. I put in the work and finally made my dream come true.

Describe your emotions during your pro debut? 
I was really nervous during warmups and during my first shift. But the guys all told me to just go out and play my game. It calmed me down, but it was really exciting.

How did it feel to pick up a pair of assists in your first NLL game? 
It felt special picking up my first career points when my family was in the stands. After the game, Pauly Dawson told me I owed him dinner because he scored when I passed it to him for my first career point.

The Knighthawks were 2-0 when you were in the lineup. How great was it contribute to two big late-season victories? 
It was great to contribute to two W's. We just battled together and I did what I could to help out in any way (possible) – either on defense or offense.

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make last season? 
I just had to realize these are the best players in the world and I had to be stronger and faster ... they had me playing on both ends, so I had to always be ready for anything.

What did you work on this summer to prepare for the upcoming season? 
I played summer ball back home, so I’ve been busy with that. I have (also) been putting the work in at the gym and am just trying to get better.

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