Apr 28, 2015

Curt and Hayden.jpgBy Craig Rybczynski -- Postgame autograph sessions have become part of the Rochester Knighthawks game day tradition ever since Curt Styres became the owner of the franchise. Each game, fans are allowed to come down to the turf at Connors & Ferris Field at The Blue Cross Arena to get autographs from their favorite Knighthawks players.

Saturday was no different as fans flooded the field following Rochester’s convincing 14-6 victory over the New England Black Wolves. Jarrett Hobbs and his son, Hayden, were among the hundreds of fans who waited in line for autographs and mingled with the players. As a special treat, Jarrett decided to introduce his 8-year-old son to Curt Styres. 

“Hayden and I stayed after the game to meet the players, get autographs and watch the awards ceremony. After the awards, we saw Mr. Styres standing alone and I asked Hayden if he'd like to meet the owner of the team,” said Jarrett. “Hayden smiled and we walked up and introduced ourselves. Mr. Styres is very down to earth and so easy to talk with. It’s hard not to have a great conversation between lacrosse living/loving fans.”

After conversing with the father and son, Styres escorted them into the back hallway near the team locker room. That’s when the Knighthawks owner and general manager handed Hayden an Iroquois Under Armour® lacrosse stick and a pair of Under Armour® Knighthawks lacrosse gloves. After getting the white gloves, featuring purple and teal diamonds and a Knighthawks logo, he could not take them off.

“Hayden was in awe seeing Mr. Styres hand him a pair of custom-made Under Armour® Knighthawk gloves. He tried them on right away and almost fell asleep with them on,” said Jarrett. “Personally, they fit me perfectly and I would use them at Rush Henrietta practices where Hayden plays and I am an assistant coach, but he's made it quite clear that I can't wear them.”

Going to games is a chance for some father-son time for the Henrietta family. On the way home, there was certainly a lot to talk about. The game provided plenty of excitement, as a season-high crowd of over 8,500 fans saw Paul Dawson deliver a big win over Bill O’Brien in a first half tussle and witness the offensive wizardry of Cody Jamieson, who posted a season-high 10 points. Hayden also got his picture taken with Brad Self, Joe Walters and Craig Point.

“The game was, and are always, a good time. It was sweet revenge when Dawson gave O'Brien three pounding hits in what looked like a knockout,” said Jarrett. “Cody Jamieson, the Dawson brothers, Sid Smith and Joe Walters are our stand out favorites. All of them are great guys and really enjoy spending time with the fans after the games. What professional league does that!? The access to the players makes it that much more fun. Cody was thrilled to see and sign Hayden's ‘Cuse shirt.”

Hayden, who also met Walters at a Healthy Hawks appearance during the week, will always remember the Knighthawks game on April 25, 2015. Not only did he leave the arena with photographs and autographs, but with some priceless gear from Knighthawks owner and general manager Curt Styres. His father tried to encapsulate everything that happened that night, which all began with a simple introduction.

“Saturday night was truly an amazing night from start to finish,” he said. “It's one that we'll never forget. It was literally an unreal chain of awesome events that all came together that night.”

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