Dec 2, 2016

Johnson family.jpg(December 2, 2016)… For season ticket holder Scott Johnson, the trip to The Blue Cross Arena on game days is a chance for his three kids to watch some of their “best friends.” Drew, Cody and Raegan stop by the bench before the games to chat with their favorite players and wish them luck before they take the field each game.

After a pat on the head or a high-five, the Johnson family settles into their seats to watch their favorite professional sports team, the Rochester Knighthawks. For the past five seasons they have been rabid lacrosse fans. That all started with an invitation to the game from Scott’s dad and he has been a fan ever since.

This week, we spotlight Scott Johnson and his family and their relationship with the Knighthawks.

What first brought you to a Knighthawks game? 
In 2012, my dad invited me and my then 2-year-old son to an afternoon Knighthawks game. We got there early and went down to the boards by the Knighthawks’ bench and that is when we fell in love with this organization. The players interacted with Drew and treated him as a part of the team. To this day, now with another son, Cody, and their sister, Raegan, we get to the games early and stay late. They talk about the players like they are close friends or family members. I can’t imagine not being at the games to cheer them on.

What is your favorite part of the game(s)? 
While it is not "a part of the game," our thing is to come early and get a chance to speak to the players. Sid (Smith) gives my kids a ball every game and Cody (Jamieson) always stops to say hello to them. The coaches and other players always interact as well. Drew and Cody came up with "Socks McGee" for a nickname for Dan Dawson (because of his new high socks) and they love to get a laugh out of him when they yell it.

Favorite memory as a fan: 
My favorite memory was after the first of the three straight championships. We were invited out on the field and got to spend time with the guys during the start of what would be a major dynasty.

Additional information you would like us to know: 
I was never a lacrosse fan before that game in 2012. While I do not know a lot about the sport itself, I will never be able to thank this organization and its players enough for what they have done for my kids. In today's sports world, it is hard to get a player to even say hello, let alone stop and have a real life conversation with you. The fans are great as well. It’s just a real family atmosphere.

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