Nov 11, 2016

Sandi Dron.jpg(November 11, 2016)… Season ticket holder Sandie Dron has been with the team since Day One. Back in 1995, the Knighthawks joined the Rochester sports landscape. Although professional indoor lacrosse was not new to the area, it was to Sandie and Michael Dron. That’s why she bought tickets for all four home games that first season as a surprise Christmas gift for her husband.

They were enthralled with the non-stop action and became lifelong fans. In 1998, they bought season tickets after the arena was expanded to accommodate larger capacities. In the past 22 years, she has witnessed five championship teams, met countless players and participated in several historic events in team history. In this week’s Fan Friday, we talk to Sandie Dron and her two-plus decades of rooting for the Knighthawks.

What first brought you to a Knighthawks game? 
Having never been to a lacrosse game before, it sounded like something fun to do in the winter months. I surprised my husband at Christmas with tickets to every home game the first season. We both fell in love with the game: the speed, music and scoring. We excitedly awaited the announcement of the next season to purchase season tickets. However, that was not an option. The league or arena only allowed a certain number of seats for season ticket holders. The rest of the tickets were sold as single-game tickets. I was put on a wait list for season tickets. Imagine that!

The arena was small. A two-year expansion project took place at the Rochester Community War Memorial. For two years, I would have to purchase single-game tickets for each home game. Loving the sport/games I needed to be guaranteed I had seats for each new season. I asked my brother, who worked the “B” shift at Gannett Newspaper across the street from the arena, if he would mind standing in line to get me tickets when he got out of work at midnight. The day they put single-game tickets for the season on sale, he got them for me. I am forever grateful to my brother, Jack, for doing that. In 1998 when the arena was expanded and the name changed to The Blue Cross Arena, I was able to purchase four season tickets.

What is your favorite part of the game(s)? 
I love every aspect of the games. It’s fast-paced, and there are amazing behind-the-back shots and fancy moves. I am impressed with how the team makes everyone feel like we are family. Players that aren't playing visit with fans in the stands.

What is your favorite memory as a fan? 
I guess my all-time favorite memory would have to be having the honor to accompany the 2014 three-peat championship cup out on the turf at the home opener the following season. Then, watching the new banner lifted to the rafters. Additional information you would like us to know. I would like to thank Curt Styres and the whole Rochester Knighthawks organization for all that they do for the Rochester community, from the “We Got Your Back” program for anti-bullying to supporting different causes with special jersey auctions to raise money that stays local. It’s also Toys for Tots, to the meet and greets after the games, bus trips to away games, and the team victory lap celebration around the turf. There’s the championship parades to City Hall, letting us fans – the 7th man – be a part of it all, and marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade representing the Knighthawks with other K-Hawks fans.

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