Nov 18, 2016

Nicholas DeLucenay.jpg(November 18, 2016)… Nicholas DeLucenay was born to be a Rochester Knighthawks fan. With his dad and uncle attending all the games, dating back to the beginning in 1995, he was bound to get caught up in the excitement for the team.

After going to games for five seasons, he joined his family as a season ticket holder. It was the right time to commit to a full season of Knighthawks lacrosse, as the team began a run of three straight championships in 2012.

In this week’s Fan Friday, we talk to Nicholas DeLucenay and learn about his in-game superstitions and his most exciting moment as a fan.

What first brought you to a Knighthawks game?
My dad and uncle. My uncle, Ed DiPonzio, has been a season ticket holder for almost the entire 22 seasons. His passion helped me get into lacrosse.

What is your favorite part of the game(s)? 
The opening ceremony, the speech by the player of the game.

Do you have any interesting rituals? Any good luck routines? 
I close my eyes whenever it is close and we are defending with a few minutes left. Not that I am nervous, I just believe it is good luck. Most of the time it is!

Favorite memory as a fan:
Witnessing their first of three straight championships in 2012. It was a packed arena; the atmosphere was eclectic. I loved that we could go on the turf after the game. The photo I posted is from that night. I met the owner and a lot of the players for the first time. It’s truly a class organization.

Additional information you would like us to know:
I have been a season ticket holder for over five years. I rarely miss a game, and love to talk about it with family, friends, and fellow fans after the game at Elmwood Inn or wherever we go. I like the player/fan interaction. The accessibility to the team is amazing. They truly care about the community too, like with Joe Walters’ anti-bullying campaign. I look forward to continuing to go to games and cheering on one of the classiest organizations in sports.

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