Dec 9, 2016

Jessyka Gartz main.jpg(December 9, 2016)… For season ticket holder Jessyka Gartz, trips to Knighthawks games at The Blue Cross Arena are family time. Her love of the Knighthawks began after her daughter started attending games with her grandfather.

After hearing about the excitement and fun her daughter was having, she had to see for herself. Ever since that introduction to box lacrosse in 2013, she has been a diehard Knighthawks fan. In 2015, she joined the legions of loyal season ticket holders.

This week, we spotlight Jessyka Gartz and her daughter, Evelyn, and their relationship with the Knighthawks.

What first brought you to a Knighthawks game? 
My father has been going to Knighthawks games since the 2011 season. He started taking my then 2-year-old daughter Evelyn to games in the 2012 season, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I finally joined my girl and her Papa for a game, and was instantly hooked. I bought my first season ticket for the 2015 season, and haven't looked back.

What is your favorite part of the game(s)? 
My favorite thing about the game is the pace. There is never a dull moment watching the Hawks play. Games are a family event for us, with my parents, Evelyn, and my two of my uncles who all hold season tickets. The Gartz family takes up quite a few seats in Section 106. We even travel to Buffalo for most of the games we play out there. I make all the signs that we bring to the games, and we have a lot of fun coming up with new sign ideas.

Do you have any interesting rituals? Any good luck routines? 
For luck before every game, my dad, my daughter and I all pat the sign on the “For the Love of the Game” statue in the BCA lobby. It's become such a habit that we now do the same when we come in for other events.

Favorite memory as a fan: 
I'd have to say my all-time favorite moment was being at the game when the Knighthawks won the three-peat in 2014. Being present for that history-making game was a really cool feeling, and you could sense it in the crowd. After one of the 2014 games, we stayed after for an autograph session. It was the night before my daughter's fourth birthday, and she invited Cody Jamieson to her birthday dinner. He said he was sad that he couldn't come, but he had an important event the next day – turned out, he was going to the Super Bowl – but made sure to add a Happy Birthday message to her picture that he was signing for her.

Additional information you would like us to know: 
The Knighthawks have become such a big part of my life now that I even color my hair purple and teal for the season, and Evelyn and I get matching teal Converse to wear to games. I guess folks could say we REALLY love the Knighthawks!

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