May 26, 2017

Zaph and Grieco.jpg(May 26, 2017)… David Grieco will celebrate his 21st season as a Rochester Knighthawks fan in 2018. A lot has changed in the National Lacrosse League and with Grieco since he started coming to games in 1998.

First off, the Knighthawks have won three more championships since then. Secondly, David met and married Sheryle Reynolds, a devout Philadelphia Wings fan, and relocated from Rochester to Lafayette Hill, Pa. But more on his lacrosse union later in the story.

Now living and working in the Philadelphia suburb, David is nearly 350 miles away from his favorite NLL team. You would think, especially with the weather, that his attendance at games would be greatly impacted by the distance. However, despite being five to six hours – depending on traffic – from The Blue Cross Arena, Grieco made it to four games last season.

In this edition of Fan Friday, we will learn more about the 43-year-old Chili native and what motivates him to endure his long commute to Knighthawks games.

How long have you been a season ticket holder? Since 1998.

What brought you to your first Knighthawks game? Fellow season ticket holder, best friend, and my "brother" Tim Knab. It was the home opener in 1998. As soon as the game started, I was hooked.

What keeps bringing you back to games? Of course watching the game, but also seeing our friends and family. We made so many friends, they have become my second family.

So how did a Knighthawks fan marry a Wings fan? So it started in 2000. The Wings were playing in Rochester and a bunch of Wings fans came up for the game. After the game, when we were all hanging out at the postgame party, I met Sheryle. The next season, I went to a couple of Wings games and a few Wings fans came up for a couple of Knighthawks games. Sheryle and I exchanged numbers, one thing led to another and we began dating (long-distance relationship). In 2003, I moved down to Philadelphia to be with Sheryle and it was the best thing I ever did; we got married in 2009. Tim and I have been each other’s best man for our weddings. One friend, Eric Driscoll, calls us the original “sleeping with the enemy.”

How did you get the nickname Krewman? I received the name for being an officer of the Knighthawks fan club, the Knighthawks Krew.

Do you have any rituals or good luck routines? I really don't have any good luck routines. I have a few game-worn jerseys that I alternate. The ritual that I do have is I have a couple of pins that I put on every game. They are a lacrosse angel pin and a Knighthawks pin.

Favorite memory as a fan: I have three that stand out. The first was being able to travel to Arizona in 2007 to watch the team win the cup. Boy was it hot out there (104 degrees the day of the game). My second was the three-peat. Witnessing a team win three cups in a row for the first time in league history was amazing. The third was bringing out the cup with Tim for the home opener after the three-peat.

Additional information you would like us to know: Lacrosse is such a close-knit family that it has been so much fun meeting new people, and seeing everyone that has become friends on both sides of the country. I can't wait to see what the future brings for this league. 

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