Jun 2, 2017

Brian Kiefer thumb.jpg(June 2, 2017)… Brian Kiefer has witnessed the Rochester Knighthawks celebrate four of their five National Lacrosse League championships. He even made the trek to Glendale, Arizona to watch his beloved Knighthawks capture the franchise’s second championship.

The 35-year-old Wayland, NY native, however, was not raised on lacrosse. Nor did he have an affection for the indoor game as a kid. That all changed in 2002 with the encouragement of two of his friends. That night, they introduced him to the game people call “the fastest game on two feet.”

The action, music and the physical play captured his attention and convinced him to keep coming back for more. Now 15 years later, he shares his love for the Knighthawks with his wife, Stacy; his daughter, Haidyn; and his son, Cameron. In this edition of Fan Friday, we learn how Brian joined Knighthawks Knation and how his quirky game-day ritual prohibits guests in his house from wearing certain colors.

What first brought you to a Knighthawks game? 
My two best buds, Bob and Andrew Vahue, were season ticket holders. They said one random Saturday night in 2002, “You're coming with us.” I knew nothing of the sport. The game started and I was like, "So there's plenty of scoring, these are the best players in the world, they hit each other and they blast music the whole game?!?! I'm in."

What is your favorite part of the game(s)? 
The fast-paced action. I love watching the whole floor, not just the ball. Waiting for a cut, a pick, anything to get the advantage for a goal. Same thing on D. I am watching for a slide or a loose ball battle. I look at it as the definition of a team sport.

Do you have any interesting rituals? Any good luck routines? 
Every game day morning the Knighthawks flag is put out on the porch. Also on game days, I won't let anyone in the house wear the opposing team’s colors, which does lead to a few eye rolls here and there. Favorite memory as a fan: There are so many memories, but the 2007 season is about as good as it gets. What we as fans witnessed that season was one of the most incredible moments in franchise history. That team just had “it.” They fired on all cylinders every single shift. The top sporting event moment for me is (John Grant) Junior getting knocked in the chin, spinning on (Kyle) Couling, and burying the ball in OT. I'm still shocked that there's a roof on the barn. It was one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed. Then taking the trip to Arizona and watching them win the cup just topped off such an amazing season. Then some years later, watching the boys go back-to-back-to-back, sitting next to my dad for each game.

Additional information you would like us to know: 
So what do you do when your favorite team wins a championship? You get a tattoo of course. My buddies and I went right to the tattoo shop and said, “We want this logo.” So the three of us all don the '07 jersey logo with pride. I never would've guessed what would've transpired going to that game in '02. I found a love for a sport, learned how to play it (or attempt to play it), made lifelong friends – who I can rely on in a moments notice – and also have something I now can share with my family.

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