Welcome to the home of Knighthawks mascot R. Thunder! Visit as many times as you’d like to find out what’s happening with lacrosse’s best and zaniest mascot.


Meet R. Thunder

mascot1-doneI’m a Knighthawk, a rare breed of hawk, but an awesome one none the less. Yes, I’m quite aware that I look like a bald eagle, but I’m a hawk.

I love sports (lacrosse especially), charities, marathons/5Ks, walk-a-thons, mascot nights/games, nature, wildlife, helping in my community and being friends with everyone. I also love to try new things! One never knows if they’ll like something new until they try it.

I was born in Rochester in a large tree and was widely educated as I grew up. I made a lot of mascot friends in the area and soon found myself working alongside the Amerks Moose, cheering on the Amerks but before long, I was given the job as the Knighthawks mascot.

The Knighthawks are the greatest lacrosse team in town! And how could I not like them? I mean, they’re named after my species. How cool is that?

If you would like me to come out for your next event, charity, walk-a-thon, marathon/5k/fun run, fair, festival, youth lacrosse tournament/picture day/awards day, Canal Days festival, parade, child’s birthday party or school program, please call the office at (585) 454-4295.


R. Thunder on Social Media

Lacrosse’s best mascot is on the social media scene and has his own Facebook page. Visit R. Thunder’s Facebook page and learn about his work in the community.