Front Office & Staff

Front Office 

Curt Styres 
Owner/CEO/COO/General Manager  
Tracy Johnson  
Executive VP Lacrosse & Team Operations
Mike Accursi
Lacrosse Operations Assistant
Nate Snyder 
Executive VP of Business Operations
John Catalano
VP of Sales
Cameron Badgett
Director of Ticket Operations
Matt Stathopoulos  
Account Executive
Courtney Wittmeyer   
Merchandise Executive
Connor O’Shea 
Account Executive
Brendan McInerney    
Account Executive
Avery Light      
Marketing Manager
Haley Clark
Premium Sales Account Executive
Charlie Ragusa  
Digital/Social Media Coordinator
Suzanne Marr   
Manager Finance and Administration
Tom Cincebox
Director of Player Relations
Craig Rybczynski 
Director of Communications
Brad Gillies
Lacrosse Academy Manager                     
Gaylene Powless
Executive Assistant to Curt Styres
Pedro Ugalde
Manager of IT, Production & Graphics


Coaching Staff/Lacrosse Support Staff

Paul Gait
Vice President of Lacrosse
Gewas Schindler
Alternate Governor
Mike Hasen 
Head Coach
Paul Day
Assistant Coach
Jason Johnson
Assistant Coach
Pat O’Toole 
Assistant Coach
Andy Secore
Assistant Coach
Stephen Lobsinger 
Assistant Coach
Jody Gage
VP of Player Personnel 
Stuart Brown
Dave Sowden
Assistant Athletic Trainer & Equipment Manager
Brian Hobart  
American NCAA Scout
Bruce Clark   
Western Scout 
Kevin Hill   
Western Scout


Medical Staff

Dr. Mark Mirabelli   
Team Physician                     
Dr. Ilya Voloshin               
Team Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Donald Dudley
Team Chiropractor
Dan Noble                             
Athlete Performance Coach
Jennifer Maher 
Team Massage Therapist


Off-Field Officials

Gary Ronco  
Crew Chief
Bob Whitbeck  
Stat computer operator
Gary Simonds  
Crew Chief, Stats
Kent Schneider  
Stat computer operator
Bob Vahue  
Official spotter & scorer
Dave Costa  
Michele Ronco  
Penalty timekeeper
Dave Groth  
Mike Visbaris  
Game time clock operator
Bob Binggeli  
Reserve Statistician
Gary Sankey  
Penalty box attendant
John Donnelly  
Reserve Statistician
Dave Thering  
Penalty box attendant
Andrew Vahue  
Reserve Statistician
Carl Hill  
Goal Judge
Emily Merkey  
Reserve Statistician
Bob Machucki  
Goal Judge
Louise Machucki  
Steve Abbamonte  
Pass Gate
Lou Rotundo